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Whiteboard Guide for Schools

Whiteboards have been a staple teaching tool in the classroom for years.

For educators, they help communicate and convey information. And for students, they are ideal for visual learning and collaboration. Below, we'll explore the different types of whiteboards available and things to consider when selecting a whiteboard for your classroom.

Bach whiteboard at the Port Melbourne Secondary School's science lab

Image of a wall mounted whiteboard manufactured by BACH Commercial

Wall-Mounted Whiteboards are typically rectangular boards specifically designed to be attached to a wall. With durable and strong magnetic properties, Wall-Mounted Whiteboards come in various sizes, surface finishes, have discreet aluminum edging and a pen tray.

Laser etching is also available on wall-mounted whiteboards. For example, music rooms with staves permanently etched into the whiteboard so musical notes can be simply added over the top.

See an example of BACH's Wall-Mounted Whiteboards at Marymede Catholic College located 20 km north-east of Melbourne's CBD,

WriteWall Wall Covering Magnetic Whiteboard

Image of a WriteWall® Whiteboard manufactured by BACH Commercial

WriteWall® Whiteboards are a versatile magnetic multi-whiteboard system that can be configured either vertically or horizontally to cover entire walls. Unlike framed whiteboards, WriteWall® Whiteboards offer the advantage of covering larger wall areas and creating a more open and spacious environment.

See an example of BACH's WriteWall® Whiteboards at Wurun Senior Campus located in Melbourne's inner north. Rather than leaving walls bare, the school has utilised large and narrow wall spaces as an effective communication and collaboration tool for teachers and students.

Combination Board: Whiteboard and Pinboard

Image of a Combination Whiteboard and Pinboard

A combination Whiteboard and pinboard offers dual whiteboard and pinboard functionality, allowing for simultaneous written communication, visual presentation and acoustic treatment benefits.

Each component can be customised to fit specific requirements and preferences, together with a variety of pinboard colours to seamlessly integrate with the school's aesthetic.

See an example of Combination Boards installed by BACH Commercial at Melbourne's Chisholm Institute.

Mobile Portable Whiteboard on Wheels

Mobile whiteboards, also known as rolling whiteboards or portable whiteboards, are designed to be easily movable and transported from one location to another. Unlike traditional wall-mounted whiteboards, a mobile whiteboard is mounted on wheels or casters, which allows it to be effortlessly rolled or moved around as needed.

Mobile whiteboards are magnetic and available in a range of standard sizes, with flippable and non-flippable options.

Considerations for whiteboards in the classroom

Functionality: Modern educational institutions are optimising wall space more and more. When choosing a classroom whiteboard, you need to think about how interactive you need your whiteboard to be, and about how much space you have available.

Lighting: If your classroom is a high-glare environment with bright artificial or natural lighting, opt for low gloss whiteboards to reduce glare. Additionally, low gloss whiteboards are more suitable to be projected onto as there’s little distracting glare.

Writability: Whiteboards with a high-gloss surface are a smoother to write on, plus whiteboard pen ink is easier to remove. However, reflective properties of the high-gloss finish should be considered.

Surface: Porcelain whiteboards are magnetic and the most durable surface. BACH uses Polyvision e³ CeramicSteel porcelain enamel. This surface has many benefits such as scratch, fire, bacteria and chemical resistance, and allows for significantly smooth writing and optimum erasability. e³ Ceramicsteel also features a lifetime surface warranty.

Acrylic whiteboards are not scratch resistant and are susceptible to staining, therefore are not recommended for classrooms or high-use environments.

Based in Melbourne, BACH Commercial is a leading provider of custom whiteboards, delivering exceptional quality that exceeds the standards of educational environments. With a focus on design, manufacturing, and installation, BACH Commercial ensures that every whiteboard is produced with utmost care and attention to detail, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

See how BACH utilises their whiteboards for different types of educational settings, including primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions here.

For more information on BACH's Whiteboards or to get a quote for your project, complete our contact form or call 1300 609 400.

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