Made from high-quality CeramicSteel porcelain enamel, our whiteboards are built to last.


The BACH WriteWall® is the centre point of any modern learning or working space. WriteWall® allows for endless and uninterrupted productivity and collaboration with its wall-to-wall configuration. 

Wall Mounted Whiteboards

The classic wall mounted whiteboards are still one of the most popular choices for all work spaces for a reason. Our wall mounted whiteboards save space, as well as allowing for optimum productivity and interactivity when used with projectors.

Horizontal Sliding Whiteboards

Horizontal sliding whiteboards allow for the best possible space economy and multi-functionality. Their versatility ensures they can be fixed onto a wall (in bespoke projects) for optimum visibility across large areas or fixed to a cabinet carcass for hidden storage.



Mobile whiteboards are a great addition for flexible and dynamic learning and working environments. Lockable castors ensure optimal mobility, and the double sided, rotating surface allows for the best possible performance in all environments.

Combo Boards

Whiteboard-pinboard combination boards are the perfect way to ensure productivity across different mediums. Combo boards allow for information to be displayed hierarchically, inspected and revised.