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Feature Project: Kane Constructions Head Office

Completed May 2022, we partnered with ARM Architecture and Autex Acoustics to deliver Kane Constructions new head office.

A crucial aspect of this project entailed installing custom printed 6mm acoustic panels in significant sections of the walls and arched ceilings. "As a team, we had to be quite fluid with our ideas to overcome the challenges presented in trying to achieve the consultant team’s vision for the space," shares BACH Project Manager Shane Ryan in Architecture and Design.

Despite the challenges and technical intricacies of installing graphic panels on curved surfaces, the project's success was achieved through teamwork and a shared vision, ultimately setting a new benchmark for the future of office design and a proud achievement for the BACH Commercial team. View the project gallery here.

Customised acoustic ceiling and wall panels at Monash University Clayton Campus

Client/Builder: Kane Constructions

Architect: ARM Architects

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