Acoustic Panels

Our acoustic solutions work to drastically reduce sonic reverberation as well as creating unique and engaging aesthetic environments.


Wall Panels

Lightweight and semi rigid, acoustic wall panels are engineered for superior sound absorption which optimises communication in any type of environment, as well as allowing for creative architectural options.

Wall Fabric

Soft, pliable and velcro receptive, wall fabric is the perfect solution to reduce reverberated noise as well as providing a space to share and exchange information. 


3D Tiles

3D tiles serve as a high performing acoustic solution just as much as an elegant wall art feature. The thermally moulded tiles feature a hard outer shell that is durable, and can be filled with insulation for an even greater acoustic reduction.

Ceiling Panels

A great solution for spaces with very high noise levels, ceiling panels are as effective as they are subtle. 


Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling Baffles provide excellent acoustic performance as well as providing an ornamental centre piece. The range of styles and colourways allows for expressive designs that suit any aesthetic.

Textured Panels

​Our textured panels offer diverse and dynamic architectural options, while offering significant acoustic benefit.