Pinboard Australia

Our pinboards are the best way to display information and exchange ideas, as well as offering superior acoustic properties.

BACH Framed Pinboards

Framed Pinboards

A classic classic addition to any learning or working space, our traditional framed pinboards amplify the functionality of any environment. 

Frameless Pinboards

Frameless pinboards are the perfect way to create a space for information that can be integrated into the surrounding architecture, as well as assisting in acoustic treatment of the room.

BACH Frameless Pinboards
BACH Cork Noticeboards

Cork Noticeboards

Made from environmentally friendly Krommenie cork, our noticeboards offer a modern aesthetic that is extremely durable. The self healing properties allow for the cork to close up around the pinhole after use.

Peel 'N' Stick Tiles

Peel 'N' Stick Tiles are a simple, modular acoustic solution that is easy to install. A pinnable, hook and loop receptive surface, Peel & Stick tiles are versatile as they provide space for information as well as acoustic benefits.

Autex_Composition PNS_1.jpg