• Akshay Shewale

Why Magnetic Whiteboards are better than Non-Magnetic Whiteboards?

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One of the most common doubts from any person using whiteboards like school teacher, college professor and principal are if they should buy Magnetic or Non Magnetic Whiteboards? Or Is Magnetic Whiteboard better than Non Magnetic Whiteboard?

Being in the business of Whiteboard manufacturing in Bayswater, Victoria has helped Bach commercial develop expertise in Whiteboard manufacturing. Our experts at Bach Commercial always recommend the surface of the whiteboard to be Magnetic. There are various reasons to this answer- one of them being “Magnetic”. Having a magnetic surface on the whiteboards helps in placing the magnetic accessories like markers and erasers on the board with ease. Besides this can also be used to place sheets and flip boards.

Whiteboards can be used by school teachers, principals, etc to stick on reminders to the surface in the form of some metal piece.

Bach commercial uses magnetic ceramic steel for manufacturing all whiteboards like wall mounted standard whiteboard, flippable portable whiteboard and sliding whiteboard.


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