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Why should teachers prefer traditional whiteboard over interactive whiteboards?

Updated: May 8, 2019

Although it is said that Interactive whiteboard(IWB) contributes to student's attention and easy learning, a recent study by Glover D and Miller shows that this is not the case. The study showed that students achieved different degrees of outcomes depending upon the effectiveness of the teacher and is independent of the communication tools used -whiteboard or Interactive whiteboard (IWB).

Given below are some pros and cons of IWB.

Some of the reasons for considering Interactive whiteboard(IWB) are:

1. Integrating Interactive whiteboard(IWB) into teaching can help teachers become more flexible in using various classroom materials.

2. Teachers are able to provide better visual representation in order to explain better.

There are also certain drawbacks to consider:

1. Cost- The cost of IWB as compared with a traditional wall mounted whiteboard is very high. Many educators believe it is better to allocate this budget to teacher salaries than for a whiteboard. Installation of such boards is also expensive.

2. Model update- Technology is updated very often and hence can get outdated with limitations to run different applications very quickly as compared to a traditional whiteboard.

3. Time consuming for preparing teaching material- Teachers also noted that they needed considerably more time to prepare for teaching material using IWB than for wall mounted whiteboards.

4. Competency to use efficiently- Not all teachers can be expected to use interactive whiteboards effectively. The interactive boards are left under utilized due to lack of training or technically challenged teachers.

5. Lack of technology consultant on immediate requests- Teachers when faced with errors beyond their capability to address faced difficulty in resolving the issues immediately.

One has to fairly weigh the pros and cons in order to decide between IWB and wall mount traditional whiteboard.

One of the main reason why we promote our wall mounted whiteboard is that it is SIMPLE to use and easy to teach with. Although interactive boards are helpful in visual representation of concepts for students, it is not yet able to replace a 'simple' whiteboard.

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