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Improve class learning and engagement by changing the classroom environment

Classroom environment has a huge impact on class behaviour and their learning. Many teachers find it difficult to teach effectively because of disruptive behaviour in the classroom. A small survey by Common Good organization shows that 75% of teachers stated that they would spend more time teaching effectively if there were less disruptions in class.

Research clearly states that there has been a strong relation in student engagement and classroom environment. In order to promote positives interactions, it is very important to organise the classroom and manage environmental modifications. Unfortunately not all teachers are aware of this implementation and management. This can be broken into 3 steps:

1. Observe: What are the main causes of disruption? When are disruptions caused? How can these disruptions be reduced?

2. Modify: Change placement of distracting visuals, rearrange teachers desk, modify classroom climate by adjust light, temperature,etc, reduce unwanted noises, rearrange seating

3.Follow-up: Are modification working? Are they being adopted and followed on regular basis?

Level of classroom noise and its importance:

Classroom noise plays a crucial role in student engagement during class. Firstly, there can be noise intrusion, which can come from outside the school, but can be increased more by noise from other parts of the school for eg. leaking into the classroom. Secondly, there can be background noise from within the room, often due to heating and ventilation systems but also caused by equipment such as projectors and computers. Finally there can be the noise generated by students engaged in learning, which, unsurprisingly, varies according to the nature of the activity.

In order to reduce these unwanted noises, it is essential for classrooms to integrate acoustic panelling like pinboards, acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic fabric glued to the wall. Many architects prefer to use these sound proofing panels in their design to make the interiors look bright and shiny as well make it acoustically sound. The acoustic panelling supplied is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable.

Bach commercial provides schools and universities with minimal charge for acoustic reports in order to check the acoustic performance of the room. These report are conducted by industry experts and provide valuable suggestion in order to decrease and maintain noise levels in various rooms.

Please contact us for further information and get your acoustic report.

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