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Hygienic Whiteboard Surface

Eliminates 99% of bacterial and viral activity within 24 hours or less.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic began, public health and safety has become a bigger priority than ever before. The BACH Hygienic Whiteboard surface aids in creating a safer environment to continue and encourage group innovation, creation and learning.

Antiviral & Antibacterial Properties

PolyVision Hygienic surfaces are antimicrobial and tested in accordance with ISO 22196-2011 and ISO 21702-2019 by a 3rd party lab. Results showed more than 99% reduction of tested bacteria in 24 hours and 99% reduction of tested viruses in 12 hours.




Influenza A H3N2





Coronavirus 229E

Feline Calcivirus

Silver Ion Elimination Process

The silver micro-particles embedded in the BACH Hygienic Surface slowly release silver ions over time. As bacterial and viral cells come into contact with the surface, the silver ions work to penetrate the cell walls and disrupt the respiration of the cellular membrane. Reproduction is inhibited as the ions attach to the cell’s DNA, cleaning the surface within 24 hours.

Silver Ion Elimination Process
Silver Ion Elimination Process

1. Initial contact

2. 12 hours after contact

Silver Ion Elimination Process

3. 24 hours after contact

Quality meets safety

For thousands of years, silver has been known to possess antimicrobial properties. The BACH Hygienic Whiteboard Surface can be implemented in almost any product in the BACH Whiteboard range.

View our Whiteboard range below to see how the BACH Hygienic Surface can increase the microbial safety of your workplace or learning environment.