Ceiling Baffles provide excellent acoustic performance as well as providing an ornamental centre piece. 

Ceiling baffles are really a great choice for those who are looking for acoustic solutions with high performance and aesthetic appeal. BACH Commercial installs acoustic ceiling baffles in various small and large commercial spaces. You can choose from several beautiful design and color options according to your preferences. Want to talk to us about your sound proofing needs? Reach out to us today.



Key features & benefits

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance

  • Constructed without adhesives

  • Low VOC—beneficial for IEQ

  • UV resistant qualities

  • Easy to remove and clean

  • Hides ceiling services

  • Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance

  • Customisable for limitless branding and design options through custom cutting

Key Specifications

Ceiling Baffles

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